When you are qualified you will receive a Certificate to show to your employer.  Some people simply call the Certificate a Licence.

Each company has their own Health & Safety Policy and procedures.  Some companies ask their operators to re-certificate every 3 years, some companies want operators to re-certificate every 5 years.  Although your certificate does not have an expiry date it is important to keep up to date with changes in legislation or operating procedures to avoid any incidents or accidents in the workplace.

Wallace is accredited with RTITB the leading Accreditation body.  When Wallace delivers your warehouse forklift training we register your training details which means your qualification is available on the RTITB Website for you, or your employer, to view and is proof that you've had proper and correct training. RTITB issue NORS registration numbers.

As it's not a legal requirement to become registered, so be careful, as some forklift training providers - who don't provide the registration option - will still charge you for unregistered training.

Training is available to anyone aged 17 or more who is physically and mentally fit (as any medical condition or medication that prohibits car driving equally apply to operating machinery),  has no special needs or learning difficulties and does not suffer from problems with eyesight, hearing, heart disease, high blood pressure, epilepsy, fear of heights/vertigo, giddiness, difficulty with balance, impaired limb functions, alcohol or drug dependence or psychiatric illness.

Usually our courses at our Park Royal Centre are conducted on a 2:1 basis

On-site at client premises we can offer 3:1 training, i.e. three people to one instructor each day.

You do not need a car driving licence to use a forklift.

If you are not sure what length of training course is best for you, please talk to our knowledgeable staff who can offer some advice.

Or, if training at our Park Royal Centre, come along for a FREE practical assessment so our instructor can see your forklift skills and recommend the right course for you.  Any concerns regarding literacy or language comprehension (or doubts about fitness) can be addressed at that time.

If you book directly on to one of our courses and find that due to your lack of experience or skill it is not sufficient duration, your instructor will recommend the amount of additional training required which will be charged at our standard training fee rates.

Anyone with forklift operating experience but no previous formal training may need corrective tuition, therefore they may require more than a one day re-certification/refresher course to develop and improve operating skills as well as learn theoretical knowledge of safe working practices and legislation.

At the end of training, operators complete both written theory and practical checks to ensure confirmation of learning. Successful operators will be offered both a certificate and photocard endorsed by the appropriate training body.  Company sponsored operators certificates will bear the name of the company unless we are advised otherwise.

RTITB (through the Accrediting Bodies Association (ABA) publish guidelines with recommended duration of training for the different types of forklifts and other machines - click here to see the NORS Matrix

Our instructors communicate in English therefore anyone with limited ability in conversational English must supply a translator. Literacy and numeracy skills are required as being able to read and thoroughly understand UK Safety Notices and Manufacturers Instruction Manuals, which may also be written in English, is important.