Forklift Training at Client Site

Training at your location

Using your equipment and facilities, Wallace Instructors deliver training and certification on your forklift, any type.  Wallace Training is suitable for:

  • Beginners / Novice operators need a 'first time' certificate
  • People with some forklift background but no formal training
  • Refresh & Re-certification and/or Conversion Courses for existing experienced operators

At the end of training there is a practical test and a simple written theory assessment to ensure confirmation of learning.

Training Fees

Instructors’ travel to your premises FREE of CHARGE when it's within half-an-hour of Park Royal. Any congestion zone charges are added to training fees.  

Up to 3 Operators per day:

Counterbalance - £325 + VAT per day
Reach -  £325 + VAT per day
Flexi / Bendi Trucks - £325 + VAT per day
VNA - £325 + VAT per day
Transportable Forklift (Moffett) - £400 +VAT per day
Pedestrian Operated - Up to 6 Operators on the day £325 +VAT per day

In addition to training fees:
RTITB NORS Registration £8.50+VAT and e-certificate £10+VAT
£18.50+VAT per operator
Company sponsored operators certificates normally show the name of the company. 
e-certificates for successful operators are emailed to the company/sponsor. 


We usually only require 7 - 10 days to arrange, but if you need specific dates or times please give more notice.

Training is usually Monday to Friday
Saturday training is available at 20% surcharge.
Shift/Night training may be available, ask for details:

Length of Training

For one forklift machine type, typical duration is: 

  • Novice Operators: 3 delegates = 5 days, 2 delegates = 4 days, 1 delegate = 3 days.
  • Experienced Operators : 3 delegates = 3 days, 2 delegates = 2 days, 1 delegate = 2 days.
  • Refresher & Re-Certification : up to 3 delegates = 1 day. 
  • For experience operators, without previous formal training or anyone needing correct tuition, 1 day may not be enough time to develop/improve their operating skills & revise the necessary theoretical knowledge of safe working practices and relevant legislation.

On Site training requirements include:

-  A quiet area/room (with power supply), suitably lit, heated and ventilated for Theory Instruction/Test.
-  Un-interrupted use of truck & equipment, in sound mechanical condition, with legible capacity plate.
-  Minimum Area - 8m x 5m, ideally 12m x 6m  & minimum 5.5m high with smooth floor, free from ruts/holes.
-  Racking at least 4m high, with high, intermediate & floor levels to stack/de-stack either loaded pallets or loaded steel stillages.
-  If your operation does not involve racking, a restricted certificate can be issued relevant to your company premises.
-  Addtional 15 – 20 pallets in good condition (for setting up the chicane exercise).

Please raise concerns about literacy or language comprehension (or about Fitness to Operate machinery) before booking or when on assessment.

To book please complete
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or Call 020 8453 3440 option 3 for forklift